Frequently Asked Questions

We collected the most frequently asked questions that seem to worry our clients. Here you can find the answers to them. If you have any further questions or doubts or you’re unsure about something, please give us a call.

I’m getting furnace cleaning services. Is there anything I have to prepare in advance?

There are a few things. Firstly, make sure there is a free parking spot in your driveway. You have to leave some space closer to the door, so our workers can use their equipment. We also ask you to remove the heavy furniture and décor pieces, so our workers can get to the furnace and inspect it. Also, make sure they can access the ducts (approx. 1 foot around vents needed).

If you have a pet, please make sure it doesn’t get in the way and it locked or kenneled. You could put them outside if there is no outside work to do.

When should I clean my furnace? Which season should it be?

The majority of our clients prefer to have their furnaces services in fall, right before the heating season starts. It’s a good chance, but make sure you book our services in advance because we’re in high demand in fall. If you haven’t been inspecting your furnace for a long time, any season will do. We work year-round!

How do you clean the furnaces?

Our employees have all the necessary equipment they need to make your furnace work better. At first, they will explain to you how your system works and will ask some questions to make sure the unit is in good condition. They will also inspect it to make sure it’s working properly and then bring their tools to start cleaning.

We have different packages and different equipment for different kinds of systems. Our workers will clean each part thoroughly using special cleaners and vacuums.

Will your workers clean up after they are done with the furnace?

The furnace cleaning is a dusty process, but let us take care of that. Our workers always clean up after they are done cleaning your furnace. With special powerful vacuum cleaners, the process becomes super easy and fast.

Should I pay more if I live farther away from town?

We do charge more for extra mileage. If you live outside of the city, we will charge you more. If you want detailed information, please call the office. If your neighbor also needs furnace cleaning, the costs will be divided.

Will your workers inspect and fix my furnace?

We do furnace cleaning, but you can also order furnace check-up and/or repair for an additional fee. We don’t perform complex operations, but we can cope with minor issues.